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About The Author

Lee Klein | food writer

I graduated the Culinary Institute of America with top honors in 1985 and worked in New York restaurants including Alcala (Spanish), Prunelle (French), The Russian Tea Room. I continue to cook as a part time private chef.

While living in Manhattan, I wrote feature food articles for The New York Daily News. When my lovely wife and I moved to Miami Beach in 1994, I reviewed restaurants for a then-fledgling Ocean Drive magazine.

Most know me from my lengthy stint as the restaurant reviewer for Miami New Times (1998 to 2012). After having scribed over seven hundred weekly critiques and a thousand or two blog posts, I stepped away for a couple of years.

Not that I’ve been inactive: Besides the chef work, there have been occasional contributions to Bon Appétit Magazine, The Miami Herald, and Ocean Drive. Plus I remodeled our bathroom.

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