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Alterkaker Hot 3

Beatles With McCartney On Lead Guitar

Paul McCartney, due to perform at the Alterkaker Hot 6 Festival in California this October (aka Desert Trip), has been written about more than enough. Yet while not much can be added, there are still those who may not know that Paul played lead guitar (and drums) on a number of Beatles tunes (more than the three cited here). And you almost certainly never saw McCartney perform Jimi Hendrix’ Foxy Lady, but we’ve got the video.

Taxman, Revolver (1966): Interesting that Paul would take lead guitar on one of George’s tunes. "I was pleased to have Paul play that bit on 'Taxman'," Harrison said in 1987. "If you notice, he did like a little Indian bit on it for me."

"Good Morning Good Morning," Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967): McCartney playing a loud, brash, distorted, psychedelic guitar solo. He also played the loud, brash opening guitar riff on Pepper’s title track.

"Back in the USSR," The Beatles, aka the White Album (1968): This tune is pretty much a McCartney product: He wrote it, sings it, plays lead guitar, bass and drums.

Foxy Lady by Paul McCartney