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Writings and photos about food, farms, wine, libations, cooking, cookbooks, local restaurant dishes...everything under the gorgeous gastronomic sun.

Food & Cocktails

Australian Lamb Prepped For The Oven, photo by lee klein

I opened our front door recently and an affable courier handed me a boneless leg of lamb. The idea was that I’d cook it, preferably using one of a number of inventive recipes included, and share the results via social media or on this, my humble website.

Cafe con leche, photo by lee klein

This casual and artsy coffeehouse has been serving peerless cafecitos, cortaditos, and café con leches since owner Neli Santamarina first opened its doors in 2005.

Monkey Shoulder Triple Malt Scotch Whisky

It used to be that maltmen in whisky plants turned the barley by hand. Working long shifts over the years, the maltman’s barley-stirring arm would hang down so that it would look like a monkey’s. At the Monkey Shoulder plant in Dufftown, Scotland, maltmen still, to this day, turn the barley manually.

Hibiscus at Sons & Daughters Farm, photo courtesy David Bick

Hibiscus wine is a new creation of David Bick, owner of Sons and Daughters Farm Winery in Palm Beach County, and is now the keg!

Oyster mushrooms at Paradise Farms

Paradise Farms will be proffering its produce at the Farmer’s Market at the Sunset Harbour Shops today.

Yogurt with fruit

The notion that flavored yogurt has a lot of sugar in it isn’t new. But you may not realize how much of that sweet stuff is in your regular old plain, low-fat yogurt (hint: plenty). Here’s how it all pans out:

The American Heart Association recommends that men eat no more than 36 grams of sugar per day, and women no more than 20. A Twinkie packs 19 grams. So does Dannon Activia Blueberry Probiotic yogurt -- per 4.4 ounce serving, which is smaller than a Twinkie.

neither meat nor fish cookbook, photo by Giovanni Panarotto

 I am about to tell you about an astonishingly good vegetarian cookbook that you’ve never heard of.

La Migaja's cornbread; photo by lee klein

It’s so soft and moist, eating La Migaja’s pan de elote is like partaking of a wedge of creamed corn pudding.

Richer, creamier foam.

Cupcakes are passé once again (as they should be). The cronut craze has proven to be short-lived (thank you God). Yet the foodie’s constant craving for fads is unquenchable, so as we forget about the last one we roll out another.

And so, ladies and sheep, allow me to introduce the latest sensation to conquer America: The Evappuccino.

It’s a simple enough concept: An evappuccino is an espresso topped with foamed evaporated milk. Apparently, however, the flavor and distinctiveness of the beverage is proving astonishingly appealing to a wide swath of the public.