Lee Klein is the food critic

The name of this site is meant to suggest a heaping helping of my writing that you can take 2go...

Flatbreads Topped with Roasted Pork, Mozzarella, and Sweet Plantains, photo courtesy the eminently talented gary james

Carla Torres, David Rosendorf, Lee Brian Schrager and I contributed to a feature on 5...

Orca Beans

My greatest culinary creation came about only because I fell victim to an enthusiastic bean...


Mercado in the Food Hall, photo courtesy Brickell City Centre

Miami’s first Italian food hall, La Centrale

Glass and Vine Indoors

Glass And Vine is chef Rapicavoli at his best.

Salad at Central, photo by lee klein

Central Restaurante, in Lima, Peru.

Miami-based artist Ruben Ubiera, photo courtesy Ron Barceló

Smooth rum, tasty bites, groovy diner.

Orchid In The Abstract, photo by lee klein

You can't eat orchids, but you can photograph them.