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Miami Book Fair: The Cookbook Authors

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It's time for the Miami Book Fair (starts the 13th of this month and runs through the 20th). You know the routine by now: Pick your authors and go see them speak! In past years I've been enthralled by personal favorites such as Gore Vidal, Toni Morrison, Fran Lebowitz, John Barth and, well, so many more. But the focus of this post is on the cookbook authors who will be appearing: There are lots. Below are the authors; the books they will be peddling; the date, time, and where they'll be.

Anna Marlis Burgard’s Shrimp Country: Recipes and Tales from the Southern Coasts is a love letter to coastal communities and their soul-fueling kitchens, brimming with recipies and the larger-than- life personalities of trawler captains, food truck masters, diner cooks, and award-winning chefs. [11/20; 4-5pm; Kitchen Stadium]

La Cocina Cubana de Vero

Veronica Cervera’s La Cocina Cubana De Vero offers 100 recipes that represent the mainstays of Cuban cuisine, not only from family tradition on the island, but also from exile. [11/19; 11-12pm; Kitchen Stadium]

Aleksandra Crapanzano’s The London Cookbook: Recipes from the Restaurants, Cafes, and Hole-in- the-Wall Gems of a Modern City is an intimate portrait of London—with 100 recipes from the city’s best dining establishments, all lovingly adapted for the home kitchen. [11/19; 1-2pm, Kitchen Stadium]

In Butter: A Rich History, award-winning food writer and chef Elaine Khosrova serves up A gripping historical narrative that explores the rich chronicle of innovation, revolution, and controversy of our world’s most famous fat. [11/20; 3-4pm; Kitchen Stadium]

The Essential Oyster, by Rowan Jacobsen, is the definitive book for today’s oyster lover, featuring stunning portraits, irreverent tasting notes, and delightful backstories of all the top oysters, as well as recipes from America’s top oyster chefs and a guide to the best oyster bars. [11/20; 3-4pm, Kitchen Stadium]

The Essential Oyster

Myra Konfeld & Stephen Massimilla’s Cooking with the Muse: A Sumptuous Gathering of Seasonal Recipes, Culinary Poetry, and Literary Fare offers 150 nutritious international recipes with a plenitude of imaginative poetry about food and ingredients, along with enlightening literary essays, playful culinary and historical notes, and 200 beautiful full-color photographs. [11/20; 4-5pm; Kitchen Stadium]

In The Encyclopedia of Spices and Herbs: An Essential Guide to the Flavors of the World, Padma Lakshmi brings together the world’s spices and herbs in a vibrant, comprehensive alphabetical guide, in conversation with Ben Greenman co-author (with Questlove) of Something to Food About:  Exploring Creativity with Innovative Chefs. [11/19; 3:30-4:30pm; Kitchen Stadium]

Spices & Herbs

Mi Ae Lipe’s Bounty from the Box: The CSA Farm Cookbook is a guide to enjoying over 90 different crops grown by community-supported agriculture (CSA) farms across North America. [11/20; 4-5pm; Kitchen Stadium]

In Sheila G. Mains’s cookbook, Sheila G’s Butter & Chocolate: 101 Creative Sweets and Treats Using Brownie Batter, the originator of Brownie Brittle ingeniously uses brownie batter to reinvent well-loved desserts. [11/19; 2:30-3:30pm; Kitchen Stadium]

Yosmar Monique Martinez’s cookbook Tastes of the Camino: 30 Authentic Recipes Along the French Way reveals the foods along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, an ancient pilgrimage route between France and Northern Spain. [11/19; 11-12pm; Kitchen Stadium]

Tastes of the Camino

Lisa Napoli’s Ray & Joan: The Man Who Made the McDonald’s Fortune and the Woman Who Gave It All Away tells the true story of Ray and Joan Kroc’s relationship. [11/19; 3:30-4:30pm; 3209]

Chef Rossi’s The Raging Skillet: The True Life Story of Chef Rossi: A Memoir with Recipes is one woman’s story of cooking her way through some of the most unlikely kitchens in New York City. [11/20; 1-2pm; Kitchen Stadium]

In her latest nonfiction book, Food and the City: New York’s Professional Chefs, Restaurateurs, Line Cooks, Street Vendors, and Purveyors Talk About What They Do and Why They Do It Ina Yalof takes readers on an unprecedented behind-the-scenes tour of New York City’s dynamic food culture. [11/19; 1-2pm; Kitchen Stadium]

In Real Food/Fake Food, Award-winning food journalist and travel writer Larry Olmsted exposes the pervasive and dangerous fraud perpetrated on unsuspecting Americans. [11/20; 3:30-4:30; 3314]

Real Food Fake Food


Chef Nancy Silverton’s latest cookbook Mozza at Home: More than 150 Crowd-Pleasing Recipes for Relaxed, Family-Style Entertaining provides nineteen menus packed with easy-to- follow recipes that can be prepared in advance. [11/19; 1-2pm; Kitchen Stadium]

In her new cookbook, Vegan Vegetarian Omnivore: Dinner for Everyone at the Table, Anna Thomas offers her solutions for reuniting guests of all diets at our divided tables. [11/19; 4:30pm; Kitchen Stadium]

Vegan Vegetarian Omnivore