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Morimoto In Napa

Lime sorbet, Morimoto, photo by lee kleinMorimoto menu in Napa, photo by lee kleinTuna carpaccio pizza, photo by lee kleinCrab at Morimoto, photo by lee klein

When Morimoto South Beach opened last week at the Shelborne Wyndham Grand South Beach, it reminded me of a great dinner my wife and I had at Morimoto Napa in December of 2010. That restaurant of the masterful Masaharu had just opened a month or two earlier. Thought I’d share a few photos of the meal to whet your appetite for this fantastic addition to our local dining scene.

Speaking of whetting appetite, diners were started off with a scintillating lime sorbet with cilantro micro leaf and sesame wafer.

Lime sorbet, Morimoto, photo by lee klein

A spicy king crab appetizer with an aioli of red tobanjan (piquant fermented soybean-chili paste). The red paste and crabmeat were combined and presented in a way that mimics the color and look of the crab shell.

Crab, Morimoto, photo by lee klein

Morimoto’s signature tuna carpaccio pizza drizzled with anchovy aioli and garnished with cilantro micro leaves and red onion. Some variation of this dish is served at all his restaurants.

Tuna carpaccio, Morimoto, photo by lee klein

Black cod braised in a ginger-soy reduction. Doesn’t look like much in the photo, and the idea is rather simple, but it was memorably luscious.

Black cod, Morimoto, photo by lee klein

Morimoto's own sake ginjo, with caramelized pear aromas.

Sake ginjo, photo by lee klein

The dining room in Napa (sorry for the blurry photo; it was taken after the sake ginjo).

Morimoto Napa dining room