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A diverse blend of gently sautéed opinions tossed into the pan in no particular order. Garnished with photos.

Scrambled Eggs, etc.

Hedy Goldsmith's Beignets at Michael's Genuine, photo by lee klein

More restaurant photos unearthed from my files. 

Collage of Houndstooth Pattern, courtesy of Kastanka

Traditional houndstooth chef pants, or garishly-patterned clown pants? 

Michael Pirolo and Nina Compton in Scarpetta's Kitchen, photo by lee klein

A few photos culled from the archives.

Judges And Hosts Of The Great British Baking Show

You needn’t love everything British to enjoy The Great British Baking Show. You just have to love baking.

The Colada

The Lilliputian amount of liquid in an espresso demitasse offers all the sensory satisfaction of a scratch-and-sniff photo of coffee. And coladas are worse!

Marlins Park, photo by lee klein

I'm wondering: Do they still sell Cracker Jack at ballparks?

Mollusk Madness At Mignonette, photo by lee klein

I gave it a valiant go at Mignonette’s Mollusk Madness oyster-eating showdown, but alas...

Coca-Cola Girls at SoBeWFF, photo by diana ocasio

It was boozy, crowded (especially late), casual and fun. Best bite of the day: Todd Erickson’s Smoked Cauliflower Soup.

Sardinian "New England" Clam Chowder, photo by lee klein

Photos of Al Capone's restored Miami Beach villa and of Michelin-chef-created dishes to be served at this week's benefit.