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A diverse blend of gently sautéed opinions tossed into the pan in no particular order. Garnished with photos.

Scrambled Eggs, etc.

Salade Lyonnaise at Brasserie Central, photo by lee klein

A sushi/sake restaurant from Brazil comes to South Beach, Vongerichten's Matador Room opens, a very mini-review of Brasserie Central, a couple of fun nutritional facts -- and a lame joke.

Vertigo Movie Poster

Vertigo plays outdoors tonight at PAMM, Freddo helado from Argentina is open on Lincoln Road, Touché Rooftop Lounge has a new cocktail menu, and much more.

Lady Gaga with hot dog

Photos of some very well known people -- from Lady Gaga to Captain Kirk -- downing informal bites.

Candy corn, photo courtesy Wikipedia Commons

Is it possible we spend more on Halloween than on the Space Station? Yup. 

Olive Garden directive on breadsticks

Olive Garden is to food writers what Rob Ford is to political scribes, but...

Scrambled eggs, photo by lee klein

Truffles, 50 Eggs, Charlie Crist, Food Arts, and "Man Tries To Sell Severed Leg On Ebay…As a Lamp!” Plus more.

inside the Michael Mina 74 dining room, photo by lee klein

...oh, I'd say sometime after around the second bottle of wine.