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Scrambled Eggs, etc.

Your One Chance To Be Anthony Bourdain

Food Network Show Is Casting

The Food Network is undertaking a nationwide search for someone to create and host their own food show. It's supposed to be a roadshow, so you've gotta be prepared to travel. In other words, this is your chance to live like Anthony Bourdain. These are the basic requirements: 

"Please upload a video of yourself with the following. (Approximately three minutes) 

* Tell us your name, age, what city you live in, and occupation. 

* Tell us about your food experience and what food means to you. 

* Tell us about your food show idea. Get creative and have fun with it! No idea is too big. 

* Tell us why you are the perfect person – the only person! – to host your food show idea."

Here are the details and application form. The deadline is April 14th at noon. 

Food Network Show Is Casting